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Welcome home!
It is important to choose a good housing finance company which can handhold the customer right through his home buying process. Since a home loan is a long term commitment of 15-20 years, several factors like expertise, quality of service, in-depth domain knowledge and the company’s level of commitment and transparency right through, the loan procedures, the fine print, quality of services offered and safe retrieval of the title deed are critical.
How do you benefit?
The HDFC Advantage -
  • Counselling and advisory services for acquiring a property.
  • Instant Home Loan Approval
  • Widest range of home loan products & services like Home Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Home Extension Loans, Loans to professionals for office or clinic, Home Equity Loans (Loan against Property), Short Term Bridging Loan etc.
  • Loan from any office for purchase of home anywhere in India
  • Loan approval even before a property is selected Flexible loan repayment options like Step Up Repayment Facility,
  • Flexible Loan installments Plan, Tranche Based EMI, Accelerated Repayment Scheme
  • Vast network of over 289 offices in India, offices in Singapore, London & Dubai and franchises in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Click here to find the nearest HDFC Office.
  • Most experienced and empowered personnel to ensure smooth & easy processing
  • Free & safe document storage
  • Online loan application facility.
A new home brings with it new hopes, joys and emotions. At HDFC, we have shared new hopes, joys and emotions with over 32 Lakh customers. Every customer has a specific and unique concern. Having earned an experience of 30 years in home loans, Our home loan product is customised to provide you solutions for your unique concern.
Maximum loan
80% of the cost of the property (including the cost of the land) and based on the repayment capacity of the customer
Maximum Term
20 years subject to your retirement age.
Applicant and Co- Applicant to the loan
Home Loans can be applied for either individually or jointly. Proposed owners of the property, will have to be co-applicants. However, the co-applicants need not be coowners.
Adjustable Rate Home Loan
Loan under Adjustable Rate is linked to HDFC's Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR). The rate on your loan will be revised every three months from the date of first disbursement, if there is a change in RPLR, the interest rate on your loan may change. However, the EMI on the home loan disbursed will not change*. If the interest rate increases, the interest component in an EMI will increase and the principal component will reduce resulting in an extension of term of the loan, and vice versa when the interest rate decreases.
* Conditions Apply
Fixed Rate Purpose Purchase of
  • Flat, row house, bungalow from developers
  • Existing freehold properties
  • Properties in an existing or proposed co-operative housing society or apartment owner's association
  • First Power of Attorney purchases in Delhi for DDA flats allotted before 1992.
Interest Rate
Wef : 1st Aug 2011  RPLR: 16.50%

Applicable Rates 
(Monthly Rest Basis)

Fixed rates%

Variable rates%


Upto and including Rs 30 lacs



RPLR - 5.75

Rs.30.01 lacs to Rs.75 lacs



RPLR -5.50

Over Rs.75 lacs



RPLR - 5.00

The above rates are subject to change without notice.
0.5% of the loan amount applied plus applicable service taxes and cess.
No Charges for
  • Replacement of cheques
  • Income Tax Certificates
  • Accelerated Repayment Option